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April 21, 2014
Either the best job advertising or just the worst

Are you the next WOLF of WALLSTREET??EZ-AD


EZ-AD Corp is an in-store digital advertising system & is growing at a rapid rate. In just over a year, EZ-AD has gone from a startup company to a company grossing over a million dollars per year! We want to open the doors to young ambitious students who are looking to be part of this growing success.

We are currently seeking motivated sales professionals, a “wolf of wall street” mentality who’s hungry, a go getter, an over achiever and a person that will not take no for an answer mind set.

What will I be doing? -You will be engaged in Direct Sales, Cold Calling ,Lead Generation and Customer Support.

Requirements: -Must have a minimum of 10 hours a week to work.

Compensation: $10-$15/hr plus commission based off interview presentation. This internship may lead to a long-term position with the company with a salary of over $100,000/year. 

If interested, please contact us at For more info visit:

Nation Wide
Full Time Entry Level, Internship (paid), Part Time
School of Business
Yes, now or in the future may need visa sponsorship

March 27, 2014
When Someone tells me there’s no startup bubble

A job description recently submitted from an USC alumni from the career website.

"Start-up by USC Alumnus. Start-up (with ambitions to be the next "Snapchat" in Los Angeles) seeks a technical co-founder who can help with the further development and marketing of our technology.

This is not an entry level programming position. You must be a highly skilled programmer who can quickly develop new features and improve on existing features without guidance. [(Bonus)]: We are also looking for someone who is articulate and can represent the company at investor meetings. [(Bonus)]: You are skilled in mobile technologies.

This position is unpaid until we get some form of investment. We are looking for someone who can develop fast as we want investment in weeks or months not years. The improvements you make would be geared toward improving our chances for investments.

Visit our site at

[(Bonus)]: Email us at and in your response explain what programming technology and techniques you would use to redesign our search feature so that users can customize the engines

[(Bonus)]: Complete the following frontend take-home problems. There is a problem set for iOS and for JavaScript. Please do either or both depending on how skilled you are.



If this is the next Snapchat.  Wheninfinance is the next NewsCorp


December 2, 2013
What I wanted my MD to do when I told him that I’m quitting investment banking


Instead he’s like


November 22, 2013
More shit that Analysts say Part 2




November 18, 2013
And now a word from our Sponsors for all you monkeys slaving away

Gambling T Shirts for all you players!





August 20, 2013
RIP to the homies who’ve died: Moritz Erhardt

When my VP tells me he needs this by tomorrow morning from now on:


The body of Moritz Erhardt was discovered on Thursday evening as he neared the end of a seven-week internship with the Bank of America Merrill Lynch’s investment bank division.

June 3, 2013
Winning A Bake-Off

Losing A Bake-Off:

Credit: M / West Coast / IBD

June 3, 2013
Our deal team after we enter an exclusivity period when the most likely buyer submits a term sheet

6 months later … the buyer drops out

Credit: M / West Coast / IBD

May 31, 2013
How I will greet Archer’s management the next time they come to town


Credit: M/Hedge Fund/Chicago

1Q13 Conference Call

We will now take a question from Bruce Wayne with Wayne Enterprises. Please go ahead.

Bruce Wayne – Wayne Enterprises – Analyst
Hello? Hello there.

Lars Bethuelsen – Archer Limited – SVP, M&A and IR
Hello, Bruce. We can hear you.

Bruce Wayne – Wayne Enterprises – Analyst
Hi, there. This is Bruce Wayne. I have a question for you guys. So I was wondering, given your financial situation, if you guys would be willing to invest in some technology I’m developing.

Christoph Bausch – Archer Limited – CFO
I think we will still find money if we find the right technology to invest in. I think we have a very good, on the Oil Tools side of the business, internal R&D team and so the investment is — should also be looked upon as just attracting talented engineers to continue that run.

Bruce Wayne – Wayne Enterprises – Analyst
Do you feel that you have engineers that can work my specifications, because I’m facing super-villains, so I need specific technical expertise.

Christoph Bausch – Archer Limited – CFO
I’m a little bit — there’s a big echo on the line. I’m sorry, can you repeat the question?

Bruce Wayne – Wayne Enterprises – Analyst
No, what it is is that a lot of my technology was damaged. I was obviously recently in battles with Bane, the Joker, so I just want to know if you guys can invest in some technology I’m developing.

Christoph Bausch – Archer Limited – CFO
Okay, Bruce, we are currently investing currently in technology in Oil Tools and in Wireline. We have various technologies where we’ve invested over [a] couple of years and we will continue to do so going forward. Bertrand, can you move on to the next caller, please?


May 31, 2013
Visiting Analyst Forum before the CFA


Credit: M/AM/NYC

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