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May 31, 2013
The Federator

Harder than Jetpack Joyride.  Introducing the Federator!

May 30, 2013
How I will feel post CFA-exam Saturday if it kicks my ass


Followed promptly by:


Good luck to everyone else sitting the exam Saturday.

Credit: F/Valuation

May 23, 2013
Marissa Mayer after acquiring Tumblr


May 22, 2013
How Wallstreetplayboys likes to portray himself





Credit: M/Stanford MBA/SF

SMH, See:

May 22, 2013
Since my dollar yen trade in November



Credit: M/NYU student/NYC

May 22, 2013
Dating a #wheninfinance


Credit: F/NYC/Annonymous who dated a WIF

May 21, 2013
Our 500 post is the douchest finance blog of the year: The Wall Street Playboys

At Wheninfinance, we are always keen on finding new finance blogs that are out there.  So when we stumbled onto a blog called “Wall Street Playboys”, we thought this has to be one of the douchiest finance blogs out there.  From the looks of it, it appears that it’s runned by some junior 22 year old bankers who think they’re the shit with a comment section equally as pretentious:

Question: I hooked up with a girl last night at my crib, finished around 11 pm, and after we were done I suggested I call her a cab. She got enraged and almost broke my lamp, lol. How do you handle this situation delicately to get her to go away? A man needs quality sleep!”

Here are some of the douchy twitter feeds:


This is why I hate bankers and why a select few bankers give the rest of the industry a bad reputation.  Whoever wrote this blog took the bottles and models way too seriously. First of all, this kid sounds like he hasn’t been laid in awhile and tries too hard to believe that he’s the shit. Looking from the first post, they also think they’re the next Paul Tudor Jones.  It’s hilarious that this kid thinks someone will even care about his opinion on a stock.  Bro, you’re a junior banker, go back to pumping models.  If you think someone on the buyside is going to take your lame advice on investing, you’re on a whole new level of delusional. 

Check out some of the more conceited pieces:

Don’t Dilute Yourself: The Importance of Becoming Recognized at Your Favorite Bar

A Day in the Life of a Loser

The Only Four Things That Matter

Here’s the blog for yourself:  Tell us what you think at

May 20, 2013
Bitcoin market crash

Me telling an acquaintance not to invest in Bitcoins because it’s a giant bubble:


Him ignoring my advice and doing it anyway:


Him when the market crashed today:


My face all the while:


Cool story bro

Credit: Male/Washington DC/Undergraduate student, Equity/Forex trading on the side

May 20, 2013
West Coast Bankers on the Weekends

Friday Night

Saturday during the day

Saturday Night


Monday morning at work

Moral of the story: Bankers don’t really work that much

Credit: M / West Coast / IBD