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December 18, 2012
Every time I am left unattended at my desk:

Credit: M/IB/Paris

November 13, 2012
When my VP calls me over for another turn on a book

Credit: M / IBD / NYC

November 2, 2012
Training the new interns:

Credit: Skirt

November 1, 2012
When I try to leave work early on a Friday but then get staffed:

Credit: M/NY/IBD

November 1, 2012
Life as a first-year #WIF:

October 30, 2012
Working from home during Hurricane Sandy:

Credit: Skirt

October 29, 2012
When it’s 1am and I’m given revisions on a pitchbook due the next morning:

When I’m the one responsible for delivery of said pitchbooks:

Credit: M/IB/NYC

October 29, 2012
When I am told I may get to leave before 9pm on a Friday:

When I actually do get to leave before 9pm on a Friday:

Credit: M/IB/NYC

October 26, 2012
Walking past the cube farm:

Credit: Skirt