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January 21, 2013
How I feel when I have to work on MLK Day:


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January 14, 2013
When my Managing Director tries to get us excited about an obviously shitty deal:

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November 21, 2012
The Holiday Party:



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November 9, 2012
When my friend wants me to help him get a job:

When he sends me the wrong resume 3 times:

When he realizes he didn’t proofread his resume:

When I find out he didn’t proofread his resume:

When he asks me to send his ‘better’ resume:

November 1, 2012
When I try to leave work early on a Friday but then get staffed:

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November 1, 2012
Life as a first-year #WIF:

October 30, 2012
Working from home during Hurricane Sandy:

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October 29, 2012
When it’s 1am and I’m given revisions on a pitchbook due the next morning:

When I’m the one responsible for delivery of said pitchbooks:

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October 24, 2012
Explaining to the idiot management team how the deal is actually what they want:

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